Chapter and Network Officers

Thank you for volunteering as an officer or key contact for your local Texas Exes Chapter or Affinity Network! Please read the below Volunteer Code of Conduct prior to submitting the form. This form will be used to submit your contact information so that you are added to the official Officer Listing as well as acknowledgement of the Volunteer Code of Conduct. 

You will also be required to complete a Conflict of Interest and Non-disclosure Agreement. This will be emailed to you at the email address currently on file with the Texas Exes. Your submission will not be complete until that additional form is filled out. 

As a reminder, all Texas Exes Chapter or Network officers must be current Texas Exes members. For more information about joining the Texas Exes, please visit  

Volunteer Code of Conduct  

As Chapter and Network volunteers of the Texas Exes, all volunteers are expected to safeguard the interests of Texas Exes and the university, to conduct themselves professionally in the performance of their Chapter or Network duties, and to maintain the highest standard of ethical conduct deserved by all Texas Exes constituencies. 

Texas Exes volunteers will:
  • Act in the best interests of the Texas Exes with honesty, integrity, due diligence and reasonable competence, and in accordance with Texas Exes policies and procedures; 
  • Serve as fiduciary stewards of Texas Exes assets, resources and reputation;
  • Refrain from using their volunteer position for personal, political, third party or financial gain, or from improperly exercising individual authority or undue influence over any other individual or group as outlined in the Conflict of Interest and Non-disclosure Agreement form; sign Conflict of Interest form yearly;
  • Comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, as well as Texas Exes bylaws and other governance documents;
  • Interact with volunteers, staff, and other constituents in a responsible, respectful and professional manner, and avoid any discriminatory or harassing behavior directed toward any of these persons;
  • Contribute and adhere to appropriate and constructive discourse during Board, subcommittee and other volunteer discussions or efforts in a positive, courteous, and respectful manner;
  • Refrain from publicly undermining in any way specific positions, policies or decisions officially approved and communicated by the Texas Exes
If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact Chapters and Networks Manager, Jane Marie Agnew at 

I have read and understand the information within the Volunteer Code of Conduct, and agree to abide by the expectations noted herein.

If you do not know your EID, contact Shelby Vigil, Chapters and Networks Coordinator, at

Enter the email address where you currently receive Texas Exes emails. If you wish to update your email address, please contact Texas Exes staff at 1-800-594-3937.

To learn more about how the Texas Exes keeps your information secure, click here.